Entrecard Banned Selling of EC on EBay

I was trying to transfer some credits to another account when I saw some notes from Entrecard.
They have implemented some restriction on sending Entrecard credits to outside and within your linked blogs, and Entrecard has officially banned selling credits on EBay.

Please note:

1. There is a transaction fee of 12.5% (1/8th) applied to all transfers, this is deducted from the sender (you) in addition to the amount you send.

2. You cannot make more than 14 transfers outside your linked blogs in 7 days

3. You cannot send more than 1000ec total outside your linked blogs in 7 days

4. Users running large contests should contact support via their dashboard

5. External sales of Entrecard credits are currently not permitted. Users discovered selling via eBay and other means may be banned
What will happen to those who have join Entrecard for purpose of gaining EC and sell them on EBay? Like me! I would have to use to credits to advertise this blog. :)

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Comments :

2 comments to “Entrecard Banned Selling of EC on EBay”
TNH said...

never heard of this entercard..but from your post..there must be lots of people blaming that they can't sell credit on ebay

deep7up said...

too bad...another revenue stream goes 'kaput'! :(


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