Hutang RM363.64

I blogged in April with a question Will Pays? Well.... it has been more than 6 months, and guess what .... I have NOT received any payment from Not a single sen. Here is the prove !!!!Since April, I have cash out two more times, once in July and another time, recently in October 2009. Now in total, the good company is owing me RM363.64.

To those who want to sign up with, thinking that they can make some pocket money from blogging, my advise is ...... DON'T .... I repeat DO NOT SIGN UP WITH !

I have not read any good story about Advertlets so far. Try google advertlets pays, and you will find the word FINALY comes with "pays" ..... it will take a long time before they pay, and with a lot of request from your side. Save your self a lot of heart pain and anger. Just use adsense or nuffnang. Both really pay on time.

I have written many times to their "support " . And guess what.... no REPLY from them. What should I do ? Write to them again and again until they pay, or hire a lawyer to sue them? Wakakaka... any suggestion any one?

Same question now..... Will Pays? May update again in six months ... hihihihi....

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