Some Advertising Literally Busts Through the Clutter

By looking at the photo below, can you tell what are they advertising? Boob job? Or something else? Please read on......

Hi there. You see, up there? Those are two new ads for a certain good or service that consumers will soon be staring at. You might be wondering what the ads are for. This is a difficult thing to surmise because, thanks to our cropping, you cannot see the name of the brand or company these ads hope to promote.

Also: It's hard to tell because the only thing you really see here is a pair of busty women nearly popping out of their shirts. So, take a guess what the ads are for.

Hint: It is not for breast enlargement surgery.

Hint 2: It's is not for Levi's, 'cause you know how those guys love to advertise their product by barely showing it.

And now you see: The (Spanish language) ads are for Pantene, a shampoo targeted almost exclusive (entirely exclusively?) toward women. You know women, right? That demographic who supposedly values positive body images?

Pantene would be hard pressed to believe that, however, since the only thing you're not focusing on in either of the spots is the women's hair. Instead, you're looking to see whether you can spot any nipple popping through. (You can; the purple girl's right one is visible.)

Or maybe they're just trying to get women to believe that "Pantene con pro vitaminas," as it reads in the lower right corner, will leave you with this rack.

Copy n Paste from Jossip

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2 comments to “Some Advertising Literally Busts Through the Clutter”
foongpc said...

Clever advertising but I thought the only ones who will really look at these ads will be men, and they are trying to sell to women?

lankapo said...

are those real haha


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