Adsense Cheque On The Way

Today I checked my Adsense account and I found more than USD120 "missing" from my total earning. As I am not that familiar with Adsense account, I panicked.

I quickly check "My Account"->"Payment History", and found out that a cheque has been issued to me. The cheque is on its way now. It is going to be my first payment from adsense. Not much but enough to pay for good dinner for two, :).

Does any one know how much will I need to pay to clear the cheque from US? I read some where, using Western Union Quick Cash would be much better. Can some one comment.

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8 comments to “Adsense Cheque On The Way”
Anonymous said...

Yes, it would be more convenient and quicker to get your payment through Western Union.

Good Luck,

Dance Aficionado

-thethinker- said...

no only quicker.. u gain more..becos u don have to pay the "service" charge.. so , dont clear ur cheque yet..change ur payment to western union

julian said...

Ya, I was wondering about that too - I heard stories (here: about cheques taking a long time to clear and with high charges

orang cina said...

Dance Aficionado, I didn't know that Adsense will automatically sent me a cheque.

-thethinker-, what if they have already send the cheque. Too late right? Only next round, I can use Western Union, correct?

Julian, thanks for the link :)

Jayce said...

Got several payment from Google with Western Union. It is much easier and faster. :)

orang cina said...

jayce, thanks

lankapo said...

So true, guna Western Union lagi mudah..just bring your IC and MNC Google Number to any bank that display Western Union.

Fill the form ,Fill in the sender Google Inc USA

MNC number, show you IC, walla the money is yours

rate is quite good now 3.45, $$ :)

Can belanja me teh tarik or not?

Orang Cina said...

thx for your tips, teh tarik? no problem, bro.


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