Sold 7000 Entrecard on eBay for US13.10

My first ever transcation on eBay. It was very easy. I had around 8000 Entrecard credits, and I thought, why not sell some of them on eBay and make some money. It was very easy. All need to do was list the item(7000 Entrecard credits) on eBay, and wait for buyers to bid.

I placed starting price at US11.99 and sold the item at US13.10. I was hoping the price will go up more than US15.00, too bad it did not. :(

But I am happy with my first transcation on eBay. :)

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2 comments to “Sold 7000 Entrecard on eBay for US13.10”
Sherry said...

how much is ebay charging you?

orang cina said...

Hi sherry, I received USD12.03, after deducting all charges. :)


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