The Meaning Of BABI

BABI=Brother Anwar Bin Ibrahim. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.....I laugh until my stomach want to pecah. HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.

And they hate BABI so much.

I love babi but not this BABI.

Read Rockybru

Bust Pudding

Falcor's Ear Trick

Ha ha ha, don't simply scratch other people's ear. Tell your children that too. Make sure watch until the end. :)

Tree man: 'I want to get married'

Dede Koswara, 37, has recently removed nearly 4lbs of bark from his body.

When he was 15, he cut his leg and a small wart developed there. The wart soon spread all over his body. He has been dubbed the "The Tree Man of Java."

Speaking from an Indonesian hospital, he told the Daily Telegraph website: "What I really want first is to get better and find a job. But then, one day, who knows? I might meet a girl and get married."

Actually, he was married before, and is a father of two. His first wife left him after he was forced to leave his job and couldn't support her and his two children. Dede even joined a freak show for a short time to feed his kids. So kesian....

Dede, resting on hospital bed, expecting more surgery.

Insensitve Ustaz

When I was studying in UPM, my college where I used to stay, always organize special dinners for all sorts of occasions. Like for hair raya, sports awards day, farewell dinner, awal muharam, hari raya haji and as such. But never for Chinese New Year or Wesak day or Deepavali.

There was one dinner that I remember to this day. The dinner was a simple dinner to appreciate one of the college’s staff who was retiring.

One of the invited guests was an ustaz. I don’t remember what was the main reason he was there. May be, he supposed to say some prayer or just there for the free dinner, I don’t know and I didn’t care.

As any dinners, there would be a lot of speeches before eating. It usually started with the students’ head giving a short speech, follow by college principal and then it ends with the guest.

When it came to this ustaz turn to stand on the stage to say something,

He started his speech with this line:

"Asalamualakum kepada pelajar yang beragama islam dan kepada pelajar yang BELUM memeluk islam".

WTF. What an offensive and insensitive line to start a speech.

Who die and make him think that I am ever interested in “memeluk” his agama. Why he is so stupid to assume that “yang belum memeluk agama islam” will feel welcomed by his speech,

It has always offended me when they categorized me under “non-muslim” or “non bumiputra” (Read my anger statement here). Now this “clever” man want to put me in a new term “yang BELUM memeluk islam”. Fuck you ustaz. Why I even bother to call him ustaz… fuck you man.

The line really offended me and my Chinese and Indian friends. At that time a few of us wanted to just walk out of the dinner, but we back down for the respect to our college principal, who was a nice man.

We felt the ustaz was very insensitive to others’ belief and religion. He should have never utter the line, it should have just stop after his salam to his muslim friends. Should he felt obligated to greet us believer of other faiths, he can just say Salam Sejahtera. That would be proper.

To me this ustaz is just like a katak di bawah tempurung. Living in his own world, in his own comfort zone. His world only revolves around his islam. What a sad man. His is ignorant and insensitive to other faiths.

G For General Audiences

WTF, my blog rated only G. All ages admitted. Where got syiok. I was hoping to be rated XXX or something like that. Must put some Edison Chen's pictures and say some f words. Or maybe put up some sexy videos.

Thanks Bytes

Pretty Cool Pictures

Would like to share some very interesting pictures. Got them from here. (Warning: Site contains NSFW pic)

World's Smallest Girl

She is only 1 ft 11 in tall. Source : Dailymail

she is dwarfed by her neighbour's baby
Special made miniature desk
With her classmate
Cute or not?

Bodoh=Stupid II

Aiyaaa, now the Syariah Lawyers Association of Malaysia wants non-muslims to be charged for khalwat.

Serius meh? All these lawyers and judges got nothing to do ah? Chinese got saying "Sek pau mo yeh choh". Why so worry if non muslims got sentenced or not for having sex with muslims. If really got nothing to do, go and catch your muslims bros for drinking alcohol in pubs or buying 4D in Sports Toto. Even your own kind wrote a letter to Malaysiakini telling you to do so. (Read here)

Leave us alone.

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Selangor Lulus Projek Ternak Babi RM100j

Gua banyak suka ini orang cina Teresa Kok.

UTUSAN MALAYSIA - Dalam Negeri mukasurat 15

Oleh : ZABRY MOHAMAD7 April 2008 (Isnin)

SHAH ALAM 6 April - Kerajaan campuran Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR), DAP dan Pas Selangor meluluskan projek mendirikan ladang penternakan babi bernilai RM100 juta di Sepang.

Ahli Majlis Mesyuarat Kerajaan Negeri (Exco) Selangpr, Teresa Kok (gambar) ketika dihubungi mengesahkannya dan memberitahu, keputusan itu dibuat pada mesyuarat Exco yang berlangsung Rabu lalu.

Beliau juga Setiausaha Nasional Wanita DAP bagaimanapun eggan mengulas bila projek tersebut akan dimulakan.

“Ladang ini akan didirikan di Sepang. Saya tidak boleh beritahu lebih lanjut mengenai projek ini kerana ia di bawah tanggungjawab Ahli Exco berkaitan”, katanya kepada Utusan Malaysia hari ini.

Teresa dalam laman blognya, berkata, Selangor berhasrat untuk menjadi contoh terbaik kepada kerajaan negeri lain dalam mengusahakan penternakan ladang babi secara moden.

“Saya amat berbangga dengan keputusan kerajaan negeri meluluskan projek ini.

Saya akan memaklumkan kepada semua Exvo dalam mesyuarat itu bahawa biarlah ladang penternakan babi di Selangor menjadi contoh kepada negeri-negeri lain,” katanya yang memegang portfolio Pelaburan, Perindustrian dan Perdagangan.

Beliau memberitahu, setiap perkara berkaitan dengan ternakan babi atau daging babi seharusnya tidak dijadikan isu sensitif.

Teresa memberikan contoh di mana beliah pernah melihat babi-babi berkeliaran di perkampungan orang Melayu di Tumpat, Kelantan sewaktu melawat negeri itu beberapa tahun lalu.

“Saya betul-betul tidak faham kenapa segelintir orang amat sensitif jika menyentuh perkara berkaitan babi atau daging babi.

Saya sering memberitahu Ahli-ahli Parlimen Barisan National (BN) di Dewan Rakyat bahawa babi juga adalah ciptaan Tuhan,” katanya dalam laman blog berkenaan.

Pregnant Dude

Many years ago , a pretty woman decided not to be woman anymore. She went for surgery to remove her breasts. And she declared herself man, changed her (or his) name to Thomas Beatie and got married to a woman.

And then, they got pregnant. Not the wife but the man is carrying the baby. Read here.

Pretty Woman

Pregnant Man and his wife

Watch the video Thomas Beatie on Oprah.


It was reported in the star today; in a seminar on Syariah Law review wants non-Muslims found committing khalwat (close proximity) with Muslims to also be held liable. Read here.


Here is the reason given:

“The Muslims can be sentenced in Syariah courts, and the non-Muslim partners can probably be sentenced in the civil courts, to be fair to both parties.”

Fair? Fair to who? Why is it not fair for only muslim to be sentenced? Sakit hati for your own kind huh? It is only illegal for muslim to commit khalwat. Others can have sex all they want and with who ever they want.

What is next? Non muslim will be sentenced for drinking alcohol and for gambling. So as to be fair to muslim?


Update: Punishing non-Muslims for khalwat against Constitution. Read here
2nd Update : Charge non-Muslims for khalwat: Your say. Read Malaysiakini

So… Will You Boycott Ayam Belanda and Durian Belanda too?

Bila gua cakap sama gua punya bini, itu orang islam mau boikot barangan belanda, gua punya bini ketawa banyak kuat. Gua tanya kenapa ketawa banyak kuat, gua punya bini cakap, orang islam banyak suka boikot.

Dulu ada boikot barang jews, ada boikot barang Amerika, ada boikot barang Denmark. Sekarang boikot barang Belanda.

Gua bini ada tanya sekarang orang islam ada boikot ayam belanda dan durian belanda juga ka? Gua cakap gua mana tau! Sekarang gua pun ketawa banyak kuat.

Durian Belanda

Ayam Belanda





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