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Who Is Right, Who Is Wrong?

Doctors and pharmacists, they sure have patients' welfare in their mind ........ not. Its all about $$$$$. Read below (copied from NST).

The separation of duties between doctors and pharmacists is definitely on the cards, even if the two healthcare professions cannot agree on the terms and conditions and when it should take effect. RINA DE SILVA and HEIDI FOO talk to Malaysian Medical Association president Datuk Dr Khoo Kah Lin and Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society immediate past president John Chang.

Q: After 17 years, do you think it is time to separate the functions?

Dr Khoo: I don't think the dispensing should be done exclusively by pharmacists.

Chang: Certainly. It's a good start.

Q: Why?

Dr Khoo: If you are vomiting, suffering from diarrhoea and high fever and the doctor gives you a
medical prescription, you would have to hunt around to get your medication. Pharmacists are not located next door to every clinic.

Chang:When the government makes a firm policy on when it is going to take place, a time frame must be given for pharmacies to be set up.

Q: If not now, when would be a good time?

Dr Khoo: If you have enough 24-hour pharmacies , it would be fine. In the meantime, you must have what is called shared dispensing, which is giving patients the option to obtain their medication from either the doctor who gave them the prescription or a pharmacist.

Chang: The government should realise that setting up pharmacies is not a 100m dash.

Q: Several Asian countries including India, South Korea, Indonesia, Thailand and the Philippines have implemented the separation of functions between clinics and pharmacies, so why not Malaysia?

Dr Khoo: You have to see whether the separation of functions is applied to all parts of those countries. Some places in the Philippines, for instance, are impossible to penetrate. In Malaysia, it can be done in Kuala Lumpur, but what about the rural areas?

Chang: The separation system is also being practised in the Malaysian public hospitals and is working very well because there is check and balance. We see no reason why it should not be applied to the private clinics as well. In fact, doctors should welcome the move because it enables their patients to benefit from the advice of more than one healthcare professional.

Q: This proposed separation, will it be good for the patients?

Dr Khoo: If you are looking at the consumers' point of view, then whether the doctor dispenses the medication or the pharmacist dispenses makes no difference for them.

Chang: This provides patients with the opportunity to get more information about the type of drugs available from the pharmacist. Unlike doctors, this is what pharmacists are trained to do.

Q: Is your stand a bread-and-butter issue or meant to benefit patients?

Dr Khoo: I do not have a problem with pharmacists dispensing medication, but since there is a shortage of pharmacists, they should not be the only ones to dispense medication.

Chang: By relieving the doctor of the role of dispensing, the doctor will focus on the patient's disease and treatment. The separation of functions is almost like allowing the patient to have a second opinion from a pharmacist. This certainly cannot be bad.

Q: Doctors have been accused of dispensing only medicines their clinics carry, or that they carry too limited a range of medicines.

Dr Khoo: A doctor's responsibility is to prescribe what is best for the patient's medical condition. If there is a limited range of medicines, the doctor will give a prescription to the patients to obtain the medication from a pharmacy.

Chang: Firstly, doctors stock drugs they prefer to prescribe and, more often than not, these are the ones which give them (more) profit. If the system (separation of functions) is introduced, doctors cannot hold patients to ransom any more. At the same time, some may argue that it is the pharmacists who will now be the ones who are making a profit. Yes, that's possible, but consumers now have a choice. If you think a pharmacist has overcharged, you can go to another one in future.

Q: There have been many reports of non-doctor healthcare providers who are not doctors doing diagnosis and even offering solutions.

Dr Khoo: Obviously, you should go to a doctor if you have a medical condition. The doctor is the one who has been trained and qualified to diagnose. Pharmacists, for example, are not trained to diagnose a medical condition.

Chang:The pharmacist's role is limited to non-medical advice. Let's say a pharmacist checks a patient's blood pressure and notices that it is high. He should refer the patient to a doctor. However, pharmacists can offer advice such as control of diet and exercise. Pharmacists are not supposed to take the role of doctors in diagnosis.

Q: If non-doctor healthcare providers should not be doing a doctor's job, shouldn't a doctor also not do the job of other healthcare professional such as pharmacists and nutritionists? After all, doctors don't do the work of dentists.

Dr Khoo: It is not a question of who has the right. Doctors are addressing the shortage of pharmacists here.

Chang: Doctors often say pharmacists like to "play doctor". This is where doctors must understand that they are not solely responsible for the healthcare of the public. Doctors should realise that things have changed. Nowadays, patients are beginning to practise home remedies and other alternatives, like traditional medicine. Even our government has realised this.

Q: How well trained are doctors in pharmacology or nutrition?

Dr Khoo: Doctors are trained to ask a patient the right questions, with regards to the medical history, and prescribe and advise accordingly.

Chang: Doctors are required to do four years plus another year in pharmacology while pharmacists specialise in the subject for four years. Doctors cannot say they are experts in the field.

Q: There are bound to be teething problems, such as there not being enough clinics in certain areas and not enough 24-hour pharmacies. How can we solve these problems?

Dr Khoo: In the ideal situation, we should have enough pharmacists. We should also look into ensuring pharmacists are available for residents in urban and rural areas. Even if there are many pharmacies, there is no guarantee there will be a pharmacist there all the time. So that is also a problem to be addressed.

Chang:The current situation is created out of a doctor-dispensing market. How do you expect pharmacies to open near clinics when they don't get customers with doctors' prescriptions? Patients should realise that it is to their advantage to put up with a bit of inconvenience. The two biggest issues doctors would use (to bolster their argument) are the increase in cost and absence of 24-hour service. If a clinic can open 24 hours, so can a pharmacy. It's an administrative issue.

Q: There is concern that doctors are charging extra when they dispense medication.

Dr Khoo: The doctor should charge RM30 for consultation. These days, there is itemised billing which states how much is the consultation fee and how much is the medication.

Chang: It is the duty of pharmacists to explain the difference between a generic and branded drug. This allows the patients to play an active part in the healthcare system. The average person may never question prescriptions given by doctors. It allows doctors to abuse the system without the participation of the patients in decision-making. If the system is implemented, there will not be a situation where the approach is top-down, from doctor to patient.

Q: But should cost be a more serious concern than what's better for patients?

Dr Khoo: The priority is for the patients to get good healthcare, and not let cost be a burden to them.

Chang: That (extra cost) is not always the case. The separation system actually encourages more rational prescribing by doctors.

Q: Who will be held accountable in cases where patients are given wrong medication?

Dr Khoo: If, in the event something happens to the patient as a result of dispensing what the doctor has not prescribed, the pharmacist will be fully responsible.

Chang: The moment the prescription reaches the pharmacist, it is the pharmacist who is accountable. On the other hand, doctors will be responsible for the diagnosis and drugs recommended to the patient. In other words, there are two healthcare professionals taking care of the welfare and interests of the patient.

Q: Brand name or generic?

Dr Khoo: If the doctor decides to write down the brand name, the pharmacists must supply the brand name. For example, if he writes down Panadol, then the pharmacist must dispense Panadol, not paracetamol (generic name). Doctors must have the right to write the brand name.

Chang: There must be a law stating doctors must prescribe generic names instead of brand names so that patients will have a choice.

Health Minister Datuk Liow Tiong Lai will meet doctors and pharmacists to discuss the separation of duties before the implementa-tion of a pilot project in urban areas

Air Putih

Christians are a bunch of hypocrites.

I think Buddhist, Muslims, Hindus are also hypocrites. But I won’t write about them because I am not them. As a Christian, I can say for sure we are hypocrites.

Do you all know that Christians are not supposed to eat food that has been offered to gods or idols? Like for example, roasted pig that been laid before an altar is no eat to Christians. Other food like oranges, apple, chicken are also no no is they been blessed by idols. You can find the reason here.

I have heard many cases where in-laws were not happy with each other because one party serves “offered to idols” food, especially during Chinese New Year and other festive days. Christians will refuse to eat the food making the party that served the food unhappy.

I say Christians are hypocrites because if we are not suppose to eat food that have been offered to idols, then why are we eating fried chicken in KFC or beef steak in Victoria Station or kamping soup in mamak stalls. We should stop eating all these.

All of us know that these chickens, beef or kambing are halal. Or in other word, have been blessed by Muslim prayer/rite. These foods have been offered to Muslims’ god for blessing.

If we Christian are not supposed to eat food that has been offered to idols then we should stop eating halal meat also. Otherwise we are hypocrites.

As for me, I eat anything that is served on the table. I pray and give thanks for the food, and ask God to bless the food. Amen.

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Dramatic Lemur

Most watched video on Youtube.

Gossip- Kemaman Kopitiam & Kedai Kopi Hai Peng

Gua mau kasi tau satu gossip kasi lu orang.

Kalau lu orang ada mali Kuantan atau lu orang Kuantan, lu orang mesti tau ini bandar ada kopitiam nama Kopitiam Kemaman banyak popular. Sini Kuantan, gua ingat ini kopitiam ada 2 cawangan.

Gua ingat banyak orang juga tau dekat Kuantan, macam 40km utara ada satu satu bandar nama Kemaman. Situ ada satu kopitiam banyak popular nama Kopitiam Hai Peng. Ini kopitiam gua ingat ada 40 tahun berniaga.

Kedai Kopi Hai Peng (Daily Ranting)

Kalau lu outstation mari, lu mest semangat bawa kereta pergi Kemaman cari ini kopitiam Hai Peng sebab ini kopitiam banyak popular. Lu mari east coast, lu mesti cari ini kopitiam.

Ok, itu gossip, ini macam gua mau cerita.

Ini kopitiam Hai peng punya taukeh ada satu anak perempuan nama Elaine. Ini Elaine ada pergi luar negara pergi belajar. Sana belajar itu masa, Elaine ada jumpa satu laki nama Stanley.

Ini Elaine sama Stanley kemudian kahwin, dapat dua anak. Ini Stanley kerja sama itu taukeh kopitiam Hai Peng banyak lama. Dia sana jadi supervisor, (Kemaman Kopitiam ™ founder, Mr. Stanley soon has been in this line for the past 10 years when he was the supervisor of the famous kopitiam in Kemaman, Terengganu)
tapi kerja macam kuli, semua Stanley buat. Angkat order, lap meja, sidang makanan, kutip duit, jaga staffs, kutip pinggan dan cawan. Kerja pagi sampai petang. Ini Elaine macam anak taukeh, masuk kerja terus duduk belakang meja, kutip duit.

Gua ada cakap sama gua punya bini, ini Stanley satu hari mesti tak boleh tahan, mesti lari.

Gua cakap betul, ini Stanley lari, terus kahwin satu lagi perempuan, terus dapat satu anak. Ini Stanley banyak pandai, cepat cepat buka satu kopitiam dekat ini Kuantan, panggil Kemaman Kopitiam. Ini Stanley sudah ada banyak pengalaman operate ini macam punya business. Banyak orang kenal dia dari Kopitiam Hai Peng. Dia punya niaga terus bagus.

Ada orang cakap ini Stanley banyak jahat, jumpa lain perempuan, terus cerai Elaine, kahwin baru, buka kopitiam sama idea dengan Kedai Kopi Hai Peng. Curi idea orang.

Gua sudah lama tarak pergi Kemaman cari Kedai Kopi Haipeng, tarak tahu apa sudah jadi sama Elaine.

Gua punya gossip akhir sini.

Magic Show

Gua mau challenge lu orang bilang ini kucing. Ada berapa kucing keluar dari itu bantal. Lu orang kasi tau sama gua berapa lama lu orang kira.


Please tell me in your comment.

Shark Fin

Semalam gua cakap gua pergi outstation. Gua pergi makan besar. Gua punya kawan karib ada buat kenduri kahwin.

Orang cina bila kahwin mesti buat kenduri banyak besar dekat restoran atau hotel. Gua banyak suka pergi orang cina punya kenduri kahwin sebab ada banyak boleh makan.

Satu satu mali. Ada sajian sejuk macam baby octopus, wasabi taufu, obor obor (jelly fish). Sajian besar macam roasted suckling pig (ini gua bahasa gua tak tau!), itik bakar, ikan yin yang, shark fin soup. Karbohidrat-nasi balut daun lotus. Dan sajian manis. Semua ada 8 sajian.

Lagi ada minum whisky dan wain. Waahhhh… banyak kenyang dan banyak syiok.

Tapi gua mau cakap tentang sup shark fin. Gua cakap banyak untung sebab gua punya bini tarak makan ini sup shark fin.

Gua punya bini tarak gembira cara orang kutip shark fin. Gua punya bini cakap itu cara ganas. Gua cakap betul, gua sokong. Itu orang jahat tangkap ikan jerung, potong itu shark fin terus buang itu ikan dalam laut. Sekarang ikan jerung sudah banyak kurang.

Tapi ini kenduri mana ada kasi betul punya shark fin. Satu mangkuk penuh ada shark fin, ketul besar besar punya. Kalau kasi betul punya shark fin, satu mangkuk satu ribu ringgit woh! Tapi gua punya bini ada prinsipal, tak mau sentuh.

Ok, gua respect sama gua punya bini punya pendirian. Jadi kenapa gua untung? Sebab gua punya bini kasi dia punya mangkuk sama gua. Gua makan dua mangkuk sup shark fin!

Gua punya member duduk satu meja semua cemburu, gua makan lebih. Ha ha ha.


"Aiyyaa...gua ingat gua sudah post ini minggu lepas, gua outstation, balik masih dalam draft. Lu orang mau baca, thank you, tak mau baca tak pa, sorry"

Gua ingat semua orang sudah faham apa itu karma. Karma tarak sama dengan itu daging ayam masak kurma punya. Bunyi sama tapi lain barang.

Kalu lu orang tarak tau apa masuk karma bole baca [sini]. Tapi cara lagi senang mau faham maksud karma gua cadang pergi tonton TV tajuk “My Name Is Earl”. Dia ada terang betul betul itu maksud karma. Ini sitcom banyak lucu. Lu orang patut tonton.

Gua cerita pasal karma sebab gua ingat YAB Lim Guan Eng, sudah dapat dia punya karma pada hidup nya sekarang.

Saya hanya mau cerita pendek YAB Lim, manyak-manyak tahun lepas, ini saudara Lim ada angkat satu kes yang ada sangkut dengan orang kuat UMNO. Itu kes ada libat satu GADIS MELAYU. Ini saudara Lim rendah diri lawan untuk gadis melayu ini, tarak tengok bangsa. Orang lain semua diam diri. Ini orang saja yang cakap banyak.

Entah macam mana, Saudara Lim kena sumbat dalam jail. Bila keluar kena tunggu sampai ini tahun baru boleh masuk pilihnaraya.

Terus masuk pilihanraya, dia punya parti sudah menang besar. Sekarang kita panggil beliau YAB Lim Guan Eng.

Ini lah karma….dulu dia cuba buat banyak baik punya barang tapi tarak harap apa apa balasan pada masa itu.

Sekarang karma sudah mali atas YAB, jadi Ketua Menteri.

Gua banyak bangga dengan ini orang cina lagi kristian.

Gua harap YAB akan dapat datukship cepat cepat.

Menteri Besar Perak

Bila gua baca MB Perak jatuh ke tangan PAS, gua rasa banyak dukacita. Gua sudah letak banyak harapan orang DAP akan di pilih menjadi MB.

Kenapa harapan gua atas DAP, bukan PAS atau PKR? Jawapannya senang sahaja. Demokrasi. Dalam demokrasi, parti yang ada paling banyak kerusi patut menjadi pemimpin. Baca sini untuk definasi demokrasi.

Di Selangor, PKR jadi MB, di Kelantan dan Kedah , PAS jadi MB. Gua tak ada masalah, sebab mereka adalah majority. Di Penang DAP jadi KM sebab parti ada majority.

Jadi di Perak DAP patut, jadi MB, sebab mereka ada majority. Ini lah konsep demokrasi. Party that have most votes from the people sould rule! As simple as that.

Saya sangat kecewa dengan DAP kerana hanya mampu menerima jawatan TMB.

DEMOKRASI tidak wujud sepenuhnya di Malaysia.

Gua sedih………………..

Gua Orang Cina

Gua orang cina, bukan non-malay. Gua agama kristian bukan, non-muslim.

Orang yang panggil gua non-malay dan non-muslim, pergi jahanam.

Tony Pua: Tired but smiling

Tony Pua cakap dia banyak letih, mau tidur 9 jam. Tapi gua ingat dia mesti suruh dia punya bini buat ini macam sama dia juga... kasi relax..
.. ................





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