Received A Cheque From Google US$123

I wrote about two weeks ago that Google AdSense (Read here) has send a cheque to me. Yesterday it arrived in my letter box.

Ha ha ha, I am going to bank in today, but not sure how long it is going to take before I can cash out. With current exchange rate, I can get roughly RM420.00, that is before deducting bank charges, which I think is around RM30. Not bad for a partime pro blogger, huh?

Looking forward to bringing my wife for a good dinner.

Next time I will opt for Western Union for faster and more convenient withdrawing. :)

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Comments :

6 comments to “Received A Cheque From Google US$123” said...

this amount is huge ^^

belanja me too sir

azlan said...

can i know how long you can get US$123 :)

orang cina said...

ahmike, belanja? if you are a girl, can, if you are man, cannot, Ha ha ha.

azlan, it took me around 4 months, I hope it will faster next time :)

iCalvyn said...

brother... why don u use western union, can avoid those band charges... I just receive USD117 from google and just take the host cash of RM 370++ ytd... haha

Linora 'Aronil' Low said...

hey congrats man.. although i'd advise against western union.. i think they are a rip off here said...

Brother u very obvious la.haha


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