Seven Eleven

Have you ever come a cross a woman who talks a lot? I mean, a lot a lot, like non stop. She will descript something in detail, and when she has finished with that topic, she will go on to another one almost immediately.

She has so many things in her mind that she just wants to share with another person all the time. I have met such a woman. Oh boy….she just can’t stop talking.

People say chewing gum is a good form of exercise for your muscle around your mouth, this woman doesn’t need one. The amount of talking she does is enough to give her good and strong muscle around her mouth and cheek.

Some time I tease her, by saying her mouth is just like 7 Eleven, you know…..the convenient stores that never closed! Open 24/7. I like to say to her why her mouth is like seven eleven, never close one?

Well…..I do not care if she talk non stop and her mouth open like 7-11, I will still listen to her with happiness because I love this woman and she is married to me. :)

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2 comments to “Seven Eleven”
Superman said...

So she's your wife huh. No wonder you didn't mention what's she's talk about and what irritate you. Unlike you, my girlfriend doesn't speak alot, but when she speak alot, I don't know how to response to her. LOL!

orang cina said...

hi superman........ aiyaaa, i never mentioned my wife irritate me, i just say she talks a lot. :)


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