Have You Kicked Badawi's Arse?

Are you still angry at Badawi for increasing petrol price and feel like kicking his arse? Go ahead and do it.

How to kick Badawi's arse:
1. Get the right angle
2. Choose your kick power.
3. See how far he goes.

Hope Badawi is not angry with me. Ha ha ha.

Thank you stocktube.

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5 comments to “Have You Kicked Badawi's Arse?”
tYOt said...

That was a nice flash game. Thanks for sharing.

orang cina said...

tyot, hope you enjoy the game.

foongpc said...

Let me see... now I can replace Badawi's face with a whole load of other people's. Ha ha!

orang cina said...

foongpc, any one that you are angry at!

Nick Phillips said...

I loved the game ... LOL!


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