Worry about political situation in Malaysia? Relax, and have a good laugh with these pictures.

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6 comments to “Fail”
Salty King said...

remember to visit my ham ham sap sap site if you are bored..

abelle | Only in Silence said...

Thank you for visiting Only in Silence. I like this post. I collect some funny pics, cartoons and videos too (under category name 'visuals'). Hope you can check them out some time. Thanks and happy blogging! ;o)

foongpc said...

Ha ha! very funny pictures! I like the naming of the animals best.

Orang Cina said...

salty king, why you promote yr hamsap blog here?

abelle, tq for visiting my blog too.

Foongpc, ha ha ha, i also like that one.

QuaChee said...

nice share haha :)

orang cina said...

Hi quachee, tq for commenting. :)


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