Crazy...Petrol Up 78cts

Crazy, seriously crazy, petrol price up 78cts from RM1.92 to RM2.70. 41% jump. And the price of diesel would be increased by RM1 from RM1.58 to RM2.58. The queue is very long at petrol stations nationwide. Read more here (Malaysiakini).

A few of my customers have complained to me that some petrol stations have already finished their stock. If you reading this blog now, you better stop and go to your nearest station...while you still have the chance.

And if that is not enough, TNB also would be raising electricity rates by 18% for homes and 26% for business users. Read here (the Star)

Crazy, seriously crazy.

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2 comments to “Crazy...Petrol Up 78cts”
foongpc said...

I've more bad news for you. From July 1st, no more 20-day interest free period for credit card holders who didn't pay in full. It's going to be really tough for Malaysians in the next few months.

orang cina said...

foongpc, thanks for the news. My headache turning to migrane.


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