Censorship-Malaysian Sytle?

Received these pictures from a friend. Not sure whether the pictures were censored by Malaysian authority. Judge yourself.

No cleavage

No cleavage
Woman in a tub.
Knee also cannot?
No knee and cleavage.

Marilyn also kena

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4 comments to “Censorship-Malaysian Sytle?”
Yat said...

Publishers don't do this kind of crappy job. Ask your friend, did he/she bought that magazine from an Indian-Muslim vendor? These type of handwork usually comes from the vendor themselves. I've had experience buying from them for many many years. If you were to buy it from vendors like MPH, Kinokuniya etc, you won't get that kind of botched job.

kraftwurk said...

that was totally random!

orang cina said...

hi yat, who give these vendors the power to do this. We should boycoot them.

Nick Phillips said...

Morons, thats what they are!


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