Petrol Hike…Make Ppl Crazy

Last night I blog twice about petrol price increase. Today, I want to tell you what my friend did to save a couple of bucks.

A friend of mine (I don’t want to mention name…ha ha ha), upon hearing that the price of petrol going to increase by 78 cts, quickly drove her car to the nearest petrol station and queued. She planned to get her car tank fully filled up.

She waited in queue for long 45 minutes, and then her turn came. She did all the normal thing, like coming down from the car (Honda Civic), open up petrol tank cover, slide her credit card, wait for approval, lift the nozzle, put the nozzle head into the tank, and start pumping. And in 30 seconds she was done. She put the nozzle back to its original place. Take the receipt and go.

Yes, correct, you heard me right. Only 30 seconds of pumping petrol and she paid only RM7.50 for the gas. WTF. How did she save?

Well if you take a calculator, you can count from RM7.50 you will get 3.8litre of petrol. With the new price of RM2.70/litre you will have to fork out RM10.30, for the same amount of petrol i.e. 3.8 liter. So 10.3-7.50=RM2.80. In another words, friend managed to save RM2.80. BIG amount money huh?

When she told me the story, I asked her why she did not check whether her car tank was full or empty. She told me she knew the car is almost full tank, but she insist she must filled up to max to save money. Her reason is the increase is very steep. Not matter how much (or less in this matter) money saved, is money gained. Good thinking? You think?

But seriously, do you need to go thru so much hassle just to save some small bucks? .

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2 comments to “Petrol Hike…Make Ppl Crazy”
wong said...

Someone who can own a Honda Civic is not below average, saving RM2.80 only? Well, it's not that she scared of fuel hike, but she scared that she have to change her lifestyle a little that night.

orang cina said...

wong, Rm2.80???


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