Will Advertlets.com Pays?

I have cashed out RM107.56 from Adverlets.com. There are so many bloggers who complained and blogged about adverlets not paying them. So now is my time to see if they pay or not.

Adverlets claims they will process the payment in 30-45 days from the end of the month which I cashed out. I give them 60 days. I expect my cheque to arrive at the end of June.

Will I receive the cheque or I will be one of those bloggers who are mad with Adverlets??? We will see........

UPDATE 30.10.2009 ==> Advertlets.com still have not pay http://orangcina.blogspot.com/2009/10/adverletscom-hutang-rm36364.html

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4 comments to “Will Advertlets.com Pays?”
Hryne said...

wont paid...scam site
i got Rm210++ last last year
they giving many reason to denied my payment(mean they no need pay)

foongpc said...

Will wait for your confirmation. Anyway, I've taken Adverlets out from my blog : )

Philip said...

Hryne you are of those boggers that can confirm that advertlets. TQ

foongoc, You got to wait 2 months b4 i can confim the problems of getting the cheque is true ornot

Jys said...

last time when i cash out from advertlets, i think i waited for like half a year before i receive my cheque. Of cos, that is after i complaint and complaint, complaint on their page, sent them emails, write about them in my blog and etc etc etc, then only i received the money.

so.. no more advertlets on my blogs.. dowan to BEG them to give me MY money lar.. anyway.. wish u luck.


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