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Cheque from Nuffnang should be arriving soon. Ehhmmmm... RM363.68. What will I buy??? May be I will go for Hannessy XO but it will cost me RM505.00. Not enough lah Nuffnang, you guys should pay me more. :)

Wakakaka, got to cash out my adsense first. I made USD199.26 from adsense. (Not sure if I can post my adsense income on the net)

This will be my third cheque from Nuffnang. :)

Anyway.......Is there any of you ever wonder how I made money online from this blog which receives only 20 to 30 visitors per day? Wakakaka.... this blog generates almost zero income for me. Most of my income come from my other two blogs :

Bursa Chat

Bursa KLSE FKLI Blogs And News

Go and check them out.

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2 comments to “Make Money Online With Nuffnang”
lankapo said...

no wonder la, ur other blog is it?

mm share lah income form nuffnang is like snail

Orang Cina said...

wakaka, lankapo, this blog cannot cari makan la. It is just for fun.

My other two blogs receive 400 to 500 visitors per day. :)


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