Phone Call From Nuffnang

Yesterday I received a phone call from Nuffnang office, informing me of a special advertorial that they are going to place in my blogs. Wakakaka, sorry guys, I cant tell you all what it is about. TOP SECRET la.

But the thing is that I learned how to pronounce Nuffnang correctly. Hihihi, I have been pronouncing Nuffnang as nuf-nang. But it is actually pronounce Naf-neng.

When I anwswered the phone call I was like...huh naf-neng who??? Only when they explain it was about my blogs and advertorial did I realise the call was from Nuffnang.

And another thing that came to my mind was are they going compliment me for blogging about Make Money Online With Nuffnang ....... wakakaka no, they didnt mentioned a thing.

It is very bad of me not to know how to pronounce correctly the name of the company that pays me!!!! Sorry... :)

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7 comments to “Phone Call From Nuffnang”
Joanne Chan said...

I laughed when I was reading this post... Because I pronounce it the same way like you do!! Thanks for the sharing. I guess we are too Malay tone already ... nang nang...

orang cina said...

Joanne, hihi, you also ka??? :)

Dragon City said...

orang cina, me too pronounce the same way. I think they should put a sound clip to show how to pronounce it. = p

orang cina said...

Dragon City, it is a good suggestion, you should forward it to naf-neng. :)

DC said...

I too pronounced it as Naff-Nang...

RAZ said...

Me, too ma... been corrected couple of time by my colleagues..

Anonymous said...

waiting for next post


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