Sitemeter Giving Problem to Internet Explorer Sites

I found out this morning that I cant visit my two sites, Orang Cina and Bursa-KLSE Blogs and News. Upon checking, I found out the problem is caused by Sitemeter tracking code. The sitemeter is causing all Internet Explorer to fail.

You can read more here

We apologize if you’ve been trying to visit the site this evening and it’s been

We just discovered that the SiteMeter ( tracking
code that counts visitors to our site was causing visits from Internet Explorer
to crash. We first realized the issue at 8:30pm Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).
After further investigation, we discovered that SiteMeter is bringing down every
site where its counter code is loaded when the visiting browser is Internet
Explorer versions 6.0 and 7.0. The error may also affect Internet Explorer 5.5.

The text of the error is “Internet Explorer cannot open the internet

We removed the Sitemeter tracking code from our site and now the
site is loading fine. When the bug is fixed, we will update this post. Thanks
for visiting!
One Project Closer

I have removed the code and both my sites are ok now. :)

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4 comments to “Sitemeter Giving Problem to Internet Explorer Sites”
B.H. said...

Good info. I was thinking it was my poor connection. Thanks.


Noel said...

Ya it gave me a shock too at first when I saw that IE error msg..

After removed the sitemeter code, everything ok now. :)

orang cina said...

b.h. and noel, glad that this simple post help. :)

Molly said...

Good info. I thought is due to my computer's problem again. :):) Anyway I am still facing the same problem now. 8.15 pm


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