Doctors-I feel sorry for them-NOT

Doctors.....they always want to be appreciated. Did you read The Star today? If not click here.

They always complain that they are under paid. They always want others to know how difficult their jobs are. They want people to know how much they sacrifice for their patients. How they missed their meals and sleep just to be on calls. And.... they have to work during holidays too!

Uuuuhuuuu, like as if others have much easier jobs than them. Work less than them. Like "not-doctors" never sacrifice anything for our jobs. Like only they suffer. WTF

Did any one put a gun on these doctors' head, and force them to be doctors. I guess not. They wanted to be doctors. They know exactly what they signed up for.

Don't tell me they wanted to doctors, just so that people can call them DOCTOR.

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2 comments to “Doctors-I feel sorry for them-NOT”
doc said...

It takes a doc to understand a doc's plight.

Orang Cina said...

doc, exactly, so please stop whinning in public. Many others have worst working condition and enviroment.


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