Beijing Olympic Did Milli Vannili

BEIJING–The innocent little girl was pretty as a picture in her white shoes and perfect red dress, performing China's unofficial anthem, "Ode to the Motherland."

Nine-year-old Lin Miaoke's stunning performance at the opening ceremonies of the Olympic Games warmed the hearts of a billion viewers around the world and made her a superstar in China overnight.

But revelations by officials that the voice that sang that song was not hers – but was dubbed by another, younger girl – has touched off a wave of Chinese hang-wringing and debate on Web forums here.

Beijing Olympic and international Olympic officials at a daily joint press conference today found themselves under siege by reporters seeking a fuller explanation as to why the real voice of the girl who performed onstage was not used and the voice of the younger girl was substituted.

Wang Wei, a senior Beijing Olympic official, said bluntly, "I don't think there's anything wrong with it."

Another Beijing official, spokesperson Sun Weide, confirmed that the song was pre-recorded and said that organizers had, "just picked the best voice and the best performer."


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