I Am A Patriotic Malaysian

I am a patriotic Malaysian.

I don't show my patriotism by putting Malaysian flag on my car or in front of my house. I never participate in making the biggest Jalur Germilang cake. And I don't show my patriotism by joining superbike group carrying Jalur Germilang that create nuisance to other road users.

But I consider myself patriotic because I work very hard 12 hours a day, to contribute to Malaysia economy. I pay my taxes, so that the government can use it to build our nation. I do not litter as to keep my country clean. I respect other religions and race, so that we can have peace.

How you show your patriotism?

Happy Merdeka Day

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2 comments to “I Am A Patriotic Malaysian”
shaxx said...

Happy Merdeka!!!

puterabumi said...

Semua orang ada semangat patriotik masing-masing!


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