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Received an email from informing me that my payment is in process. :) . I am going to receive £8 which is around RM49.00, withind next 7 working days. Enough for a simple lunch. Wakaka.

Earning from is very simple, just visit, and sign up (it is free) and wait for them to approve your site and notify you if they have matched you with an advertiser. is giving £5 as sign up bonus. That is RM30 just to fill up a form.

Why not? Just give it a try.

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4 comments to “Payment In”
M-D-P-O-K said...

wow, not bad. A good catch indeed.
Will there be any processing fee?

orang cina said...

m-d-p-o-k, thx, but I am not sure about the processing fee, I haven't received yet mah.

lankapo said...

my friend,

i already my 5 pound. No processing fee.

it's just hard to get approve by them

orang cina said...

Hi lankapo, they actually looking for the type of blogs listed:
• Finance
• Business
• Insurance
• Debt
• Marine Activities
• Dating
• Health
• Real Estate
• Legal


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