Listed In Yahoo! and Google Engine II

My blog was listed no 3 in Yahoo Search Engine first page and no 7 in Google Search engine first page in March 31 (read Listed In Yahoo! and Google Engine). Today I did the same search, and halelujah, if you search "orang cina" in Yahoo! search engine, my blog will be listed first and in Google search engine, my blog will be listed third on the first page.

Ha ha ha, that means my blog has climbed up in search engines result. Not bad huh?

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By the way, anyone interested to exchange link with me? I have Free Page Rank Tool . Fast fast apply ok.

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2 comments to “Listed In Yahoo! and Google Engine II”
Anonymous said...

You are sux! just little result and show your stupid ego. Don't make me angry or your orang cina keyword will gone from the front page! agressive warning!

for your information, I'm chinese too, but not lan ci as you nia. Please be polite when speak up your mind or you will regret what you have did.

LCLY will make your web life short. ;)

orang cina said...

aiyoo, so scared, where to hide huh?

I know who you are. Why so chicken to write your name. At least I did when I commented in yr blog.

Have a nice day


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