Ketuanan Orang Putih

Yesterday I brought my wife to Hyatt Hotel Kuantan, for buffet dinner at Kampong Restaurant. Hyatt Kuantan is the only 5 stars hotel here in Kuantan and you will expect five star service, but nope, no five stars… least no to me and my wife. Not even one star service.

We were seated next to a foreigner (mat salleh lah), and they (the staffs) treated him like God.

“Hello sir, welcome to Hyatt sir, is everything ok sir? how the food sir?, would you like another bottle of beer sir? Can we clear the table for you sir. Would you like to try our butter prawns sir?” Blah blah blah. There were very nice to him.

We could hear and see everything…………… such a good service.

But was I getting the same treatment ?

Bloody hell NO.

Me wife and I were not treated like that at all; we were almost invisible to them. Instead of them coming to my table to service, I got to call them, some time by shouting across the table, some times got to stand up from my table to call them. Our plates were never cleared unless I informed them. My glass never refilled with cold water unless I told them to. No one came to our table to ask if every thing was okay. I have to ask three times for a finger bow. If only the manager or the chef would come over, I would have told them that their service sucks.

How can you enjoy a good buffet dinner, if the service level is so low? When my wife and I left the table to get another round of food, no one went to our table to clear it. By the time we are back with food in our hand, the used plates all still there on the table. I got to call upon the waiter to clear my table. It is not one time thing, but a few cycle.

>Go to take food,> come back to the table>table messy >call the waiter. >The table cleared, >makan, >stand up go >take more food n >plates not cleared>got to do what? >Call the waiter again lah. >And the cycle start again.>

I am complaining because, why are they setting two sets of service standard to their customers. One for orang putih, and one more for locals.

The orang putih just sit on his chair, no need to move, all the waiter will take turn to wait at his table to give him 5 stars service.

For me, to get eye contact with them also susah.

Thank you sir for coming, pls come again sir, hope you enjoyed your dinner sir. These are the parting words the staffs gave to the foreigner.

And for me………….. “sign here”,(I paid with my platinum card lah). No even “thank you”.

From here, I have two conclusions.

One-the staffs (99% malay), were very eager to please the mat salleh, (he was happy….he walk out from restaurant smiling and waving his hand like god, and every one smile back.), he sure is coming back? perhaps another 1 mth or so and then he cabut to his country lah.

Two- Hyatt Kuantan does not bother if local customers are happy or not. I was not, I walk out with no one saying good night to us. May be they are not interested to have long term business with us local.

Ketuanan Orang Putih is still their mentality.

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2 comments to “Ketuanan Orang Putih”
galadriel said...

I've seen that happening again and again, Orang Cina.

And i'm a model customer who treat waiters very nice, cos I think they also cari makan. Courtesy begets courtesy...bla bla bla

but wot ur saying is right. this behavious makes one feel like anak tiri in own country.

wot to do la, tai kor, system sudah salah.

orang cina said...

ya you say, anak tiri in your on country. That sucks.


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