Nuffnang-Will They Pay on Time?

I have cash out twice with Nuffnang, once at the end of October and another time late last month. I have yet to receive payment from my first request.

According to Nuffnang, Nuffnang pays its Glitterati bloggers 30 days after their cash out request date every end of the month.

Upon that, the cheque will be sent to the bank for processing and mailed to your registered address. The processing and delivery from the bank’s side will take no longer than 3 weeks.

I guess I have to wait no longer than 3 weeks for my first cheque from Nuffnang to arrive. Hopefully this week :).

MmmMmmmm, what will I do with my first Nuffnang cheque?

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5 comments to “Nuffnang-Will They Pay on Time?”
pikey said...

hmmm... i'm also waiting for my check from nuffnang

Maria said...

Be patient... Economy crisis now, getting pay is usually late.

xin said...

wah rich! hmmm buy yrself something with the money :)

/i havent withdrawn anything yet :( sadly.

orang cina said...

pikey, must be waiting for check no 10! True?

Maria, economy crisis, need the money even more :)

xin, not rich lah, rm1++ only, may be i buy you dinner? hihihi

pikey said...

how i wish!! LOL... it's just my first check from them..


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