Thats Not Nice

I personally do not care what happen to PI Bala, but it pains my heart when I see these two dogs living in deplorable conditions.

I have two dogs at home and I know they have feeling like us. They feel happy, sad, excited, down etc. I know they miss me when I go outstation.

I pity the two Rottweilers. They must be feeling confuse and tired, not knowing what happen to their owner.

I hope they will be ok.

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2 comments to “Thats Not Nice”
oOFooi said...

Indeed you are right. Sad. Sad. Sad. Dogs is a great friend of us(human). I've two dogs in my hometown. Whenever I went back, they will bark me and swings its tails .:)

orang cina said...

oofooi, yes, your dog will remember you for life.


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