PPS Traffic Not That High

I always thought that PPS has a very high traffic like 3000 to 4000 unique visitors per day, but today I found out they actually only has on average 825 visitors per day. That is pretty low for a "popular" site like PPS.

And they are charging up to RM200 per month for 125x125 banners (here). Serious meh??? Can charge so high ah??? For that kind of traffic, I wouldnt even pay RM50.00 per month.
If can make money so easy, I also want..... kekeke.

I have a site which has half that traffic, average 440 visitors per day (Bursa KLSE FKLI Blogs And News) . It has hit 1000 visitors per day before........

With my traffic half of PPS, should I charge half the price of what PPS is charging or maybe I can discount further and charge only RM50. Any takers? kekekeke......

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Comments :

Tekkaus said...

Wow! That low? I couldn't believe it. Only around 900++?


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